Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Long Weekend

Happy Canada Day! :)

Four day weekend - a dream come true for many of my classmates and me. Time to relax and catch up on the work that we neglected over the past two months. On Saturday I went to karaoke with a couple of my classmates, and had dinner with a couple of them afterwards. I also found out that they opened a Honest Lawyer in Toronto!!! :) :) I really enjoyed that place when I was in Ottawa, and now they have one in Toronto! Have to go drink with a couple of friends the next time I go back to Toronto.

Sunday was a full day of working on the design project.. at least we are making some progress. We only have about three weeks left!

Monday was relaxing and taking time out to clean the house a bit. Watched Private Parts and Harry Potter with Evelyn.. hehe.. I still remember watching Private Parts with my high school friends back in the days. *sigh* Now I feel so old.

Now I am working on assignments, then tonight I will be going to watch the fireworks with Evelyn. Hopefully it will be a nice clear night.. :) Canada Day is always so exciting!

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