Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Yet another weekend

Hahaha.. what a weekend. I cannot possibly imagine myself slacking off this much during a weekend - yet I did. Adrian visited Waterloo on Friday, since it was his long weekend (independence day). Not very many people would actually drive in to visit, let alone after driving for nearly 9 hours just to get home. Thanks dude. Now that's a true friend, unlike those who never even bother to say hi, let alone visit.

Took the time out to go for dessert with Evelyn and Adrian, with the rest of the gang, in Toronto. Yep, it was some decent cheesecake. Took the early bus back into Waterloo (thanks to Adrian, again, for driving us down to the bus station), only for the Engineering Orientation Leader Retreat. Spent some time with other leaders coming up with ideas and cheers for the week. Should be an awesome week :)

Watched Harry Potter:The Chamber of Secrets with Evelyn on Saturday night, spending some quality time with her. Sunday was a write-off too! I helped Evelyn move some of her boxes into temporary storage until she moves down to Illinois, then I just lounged around at home, whining about the heat.

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