Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Oh.. one more thing.

I hate when people brag, especially when they make themself seems more important than people around them. I'm sorry, everybody gets opportunities to take part in big things, there's no need to engage in 'downward social comparison'. (as Evelyn would phrase it)

To respond to whisper00's blog, I completely agree with you. I perform that experiment every school term (not on purpose, but by circumstances), and it's funny how many people actually call or e-mail me to show that they care.

This had been one of my toughest semesters by far (again, I know I am to blame because I did pick the courses), and a little encouragement doesn't hurt. In fact, I can *count* the number of people that were by my side and say 'go for it!' when I needed somebody to lean on. True friends huh? Those are few and far in between.

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