Friday, July 18, 2003

Tiring Day

I just got home from working on my fourth year project. If I haven't made it clear in my previous rantings, during our final year we have to complete a 'project with significant design experience' in order to graduate. So here I am, spending every spare second I have to finish it. Today I worked on the wiring, and feeding the wires through mazes of electrical components. Then me and my teammates debugged our system - it was quite fun sitting there, the three of us, with three laptops. The room was dim, and the lights from the screen reflected off our faces making us look ever paler than usual. We finished off with a team meeting - in my car, for an hour after we left (which was 2am BTW).

Which reminds me, I still haven't had lunch/dinner.. mm.. seems to be a continuing trend. Oh yeah, Evelyn is in Toronto. She usually reminds me to take meal breaks. :)

Off to bed I go. Maybe sleep will cure hunger. (if that actually works, ppl in third world countries should sleep more often)

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