Tuesday, October 07, 2003

The Weekend

The weekend was fun, as I was hanging out with friends but yet had some time to myself to wind down a busy and hectic week. Very briefly, I had dinner with some lovely ladies on Friday night, sang my hearts out with some friends, had dinner and drinks, and relaxed at home.

I've been noticing the trend about the type of activities I do, as to what constitutes 'fun' for me. In my younger years (making me sound so old now), what defined 'fun' was the number of people came out to the gathering, and whether the activity was exciting or not. I'm talking about doing stupid things even, running around in a park at 2am because we were too drunk to do anything else.

Now that I've aged, I enjoy the finer things in life. Food - I'm talking about GOOD food, like gourmet food. Or even an hour or two, sitting down with a couple of drinks and talking to friends about everything under the sun. That may sound a bit snobby, but you can take away the martinis, take away the lounge atmosphere too. What defines 'fun' now is the fact that I have a few friends that would sit around and share their thoughts, and sometimes even have heated arguments. (we can't possibly agree on EVERYTHING)

Perhaps I have grown older so I cannot justify getting plastered and running around, acting like a teenager anymore. Or perhaps I have finally discovered why I always felt like there was a void in my life, everytime I go home after an outing with 16 of my 'poss�'s back when I was in high school.

Evelyn told me before.. "It's not the quantity of friends you have, but the quality. I'd rather have one true friend than thirty so-called friends. They are more like acquaintances." I should listen to her more often. :)

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