Monday, October 20, 2003

Where did the weekend go!?

I didn't even begin to enjoy the weekend yet, and I find myself back at work already. I went karaoking with some friends (becoming a weekly activity now), killing our eardrums with slightly-off-pitched tones. Other than that, I cannot honestly say I did anything that was remotely productive.

Need to start writing down things I absolutely must do. Ever since losing my PDA, I haven't been able to pull myself together. Am I growing so old that my memory is failing me, or am I just relying on technology too much?

Back to my trusty paper and pen (more like trusty electrons).. let's write down what I need to do.

  • Find a place to live next term (yes, this time I cannot rely on Evelyn)

  • Scam money from the government.. ahem, I mean, apply for OSAP (*laugh* x 1000)

  • Try to scam more money from the school (*laugh* x 100000000)

  • Clean up my room/house/dump I call home

  • This is almost as sad as my "New Years Resolution"..

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