Monday, September 06, 2004

Another Week, Another Training Session

I started on the core of my training last Friday - so it proved to be a bit more involved and now I'm happy with what I'm learning. I never imagined myself to say that I *enjoy* the challenge, but I indeed do. Certainly better than re-learning how to multiply a few numbers together.

Spent the weekend shopping for my new flat - yes, I have finally decided to take the one further from work for a bit more space, and cheaper rent. Not that much cheaper, but the landlord was nice enough to furnish the place for me! So (a) I don't have to shell out the cash for furniture and (b) I don't have to worry about moving them if I ever decide to move out. I'll post some pictures when I get all settled.

The downside is that I will have limited internet access and telephone contact for a while. My phone line is not installed until the end of the month (talk about efficiency here, sheesh), and I don't even want to get started with internet. I'm posting this from my mobile phone so it is getting quite expensive. I'll get back to my blogging once I get some regular access to the net..

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MiDNiTiE said...

It's really not that crazy.. I have done it before in Waterloo when internet was not ready yet. Yes I know I'm crazy, but there was a reason why I studied engineering.