Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Learning to learn, again

I was handed a 23 page report to read for tomorrow's lesson, plus an engineering book to keep me company until next Monday. So right now I'm going through the report, highlighting like crazy and using up my only highlighter at home. Why am I still using up stationary after leaving school? Thank goodness I brought some over from Canada.

Now that I have been in my training programme for a few weeks, the groove and routine is coming back to me. I can now spent a considerable amount of time sitting in class, and pay attention to the lecturer. I vow to not complain about the instructors I had while in university, because compared to corporate trainers, they were a godsend. No, seriously. I never imagined I would say this, but it is true that professors at my university can actually teach! (despite all my groaning throughout my education)

My flat is really messy, and I have no time to clean it up. I really should start picking up after myself. Not that anybody else other than me will ever walk through that door, but coming home after a full 14-hour work day to a messy room just plain sucks.

Back to the report..

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Adrian said...

Well, I would like to rephrase the sentence you made, professors and corporate trainers both generally cannot teach.

(Serious mode:) Most of these people cannot grasp the train of thought that the audience is going through. That is what make them bad teachers. Whether you're a trainee, or a veteran investor, they will teach something to you in the exact same way. University is a system where courses have prequisites. Hence for every course, you're only expected to know certain things and expected to know nothing about anything else. In the corporate world, they (unrealistically) expect you to know a lot, and move on. After all, we're all university graduates right ? Teaching is an art, where good result comes from a mastering of the material, grasping the train of thought of the audience and above all, a passion for it. (End serious mode)

(Joking mode:) Maybe it's just the damn brits that can't teach because their crooked smile make it unbearable to look at them. :P j/k