Sunday, September 19, 2004

Cooking at Home

It was raining sporadically today so it wasn't much fun walking around the West End. I had plans to buy a few hangers (because my wardrobe doesn't have any) but I couldn't find any that is both affordable and worth the money I pay for. I might end up going back to Ikea (so another hour and a half commute both ways) to get hangers. Ended up grocery shopping in Chinatown, and invited one of my classmates over for dinner.

Haven't really done much cooking at home since I have arrived, so I was a little bit on the clumsy side of things. Hopefully I didn't make a fool of myself tonight! I really do enjoy cooking though - just need a bit more discipline to force myself to eat more at home, and less outside. Plus it's more healthy for me anyway!

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MiDNiTiE said...

I actually don't know what I can make that is "tasty", to tell you the truth. I have been cooking since a very young age, but it is out of routine more than anything else. (I need to feed myself somehow)