Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Sarcasm or conceited?

I'm sitting in class right now, and I just heard the funniest dialogue between two classmates when the instructor was explaining the details of a particular structure, namely, a revolving line of credit.

Instructor : A revolving line of credit works much like a regular line of credit with a few...
Classmate 1 : Uh, excuse me, but what is a line of credit?
Classmate 2 : Yeah, what's a bank? Why are we here?

Okay, now that I wrote it out I realized that it was a "You had to be there" moment. Hope you found that as funny as I did (I couldn't stop laughing). So was classmate 2 being sarcastic or just plain conceited?

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Adrian said...

I would pick conceited. I found it moderately funny, but depends on my mood though.

Honestly, it's people like Classmate 2 that makes people not want to ask potentially stupid questions in a class. Rather, people would just sit there quietly and proceed to get lost in the matter being taught.

Then again, a line of credit should be something that a banker, or any college student in debt should know about.