Saturday, September 25, 2004

Party it up!

Last night I went to a social function hosted by the HR department in the company. It was at the London Dungeons, which is a bit of a weird place to start off with. It is basically a tourist attraction, sort of like Screamers in Toronto during Halloween. They have various figurines that depicts certain scenes of horror, and some "themed rooms". In any case, the only thing going for the place was that it was dark and "club-like". We were served food (which I was quite accustomed to, since it resembled what I used to eat as a student), and alcohol (which I was also accustomed to because it was all I could afford as a student). It was a good night meeting people, because it was the first time the entire graduate class got together.

In fact, I met this girl working in HR, and she's from Canada! How much fun is that? We spent the night talking about things we miss about the land of Tim Horton's. I also met this other associate who was also from Toronto. Seems like the brain drain from Canada is not only direct at the USA, but also other parts of the world..

Given that I had to work early this morning, I left the party quite early on. I heard some crazy things went down after the "official" part of the party ended, but it's probably all hearsay and I cannot confirm or deny anything that I didn't see with my own eyes. Ahh the gossips in the morning was classic - much like the gossips after a company Christmas party. (and those of you who know my theory on Christmas party would know.. and if you don't, check my previous blogs about Christmas parties).

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