Wednesday, March 19, 2003


Let's talk about one thing that I am proud of here, and it's the mail service. Royal Mail is absolutely fantastic. Granted, this is not a very big country, but the efficiency of the postal service leaves no room for criticism. So good that Blockbuster here offers rental-by-post. Similar to NetFlix in the US, it allows you to rent DVDs over the postal mail service. You order your DVD, they send it to you via post. You return it before the due date in the special envelope they provide and everything is cool. I ordered two movies on Thursday night, by Friday night I have them sitting in my flat. Isn't that wonderful?

I rented Bean and Bend it Like Beckham. Bean because I still haven't seen it and wanted to before the DVD cease to exist in any catalogues, and Bend it Like Beckham because it's a brit movie and I like football. :) I'll do a little review after I finish watching them.

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