Thursday, March 20, 2003

Boss and Co-worker Breakfast, Lunch, and High Tea Menu

- Tall Americano w/ cold milk no sugar, Banana, 1.5L Bottled Water, Nutrigrain Breakfast Bar
- Regular Cafe Latte with two sugars, two orders of toast with jam
- Regular Cafe Latte no sugar, ham and cheese toastie
- Tall Cafe Latte no sugar, blueberry muffin
- Regular Cappuccino no sugar, blueberry muffin

Choice of
- �4.00 Italian sandwiches from Cafe Brera: Parma Ham with Mozzarella, Grilled Chicken with Mozzarella, Grilled Chicken with Brie
- Burger King (ugh)
- Birley's Sandwiches Hot Special (changes each day, but same menu every week)
- Soup Opera: Chicken Broth with bread and a fruit
- Sri Nam: Beef Teriyaki with rice, or BBQ Pork with rice
- Pizza Express: Margherita, American Hot
- Gourmet Pizza Company: Same as above
- Carluccio's: Pasta Con Fungi, Ravioli

Plus a fruit salad for each person. And fill up 1.5L water bottles.

High Tea:
- Tall Americano w/ cold milk no sugar
- Coca Cola (can, not bottle), Sprite (or 7up)
- Coffee, black, from the machine
- Some form of chocolate, preferably Kit Kat, but other chocolate substance acceptable

How do I know so much? If you have been buying the above for three months, you'd know them by heart too. I even know the optimal route to purchase the above meals.

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