Monday, March 24, 2003

Salisbury & Stonehenge

Over the weekend I visited Salisbury and Stonehenge, one of the most identified historical sights in England. On Saturday, I took the bus to Oxford and met up with Caroline, Rob, and Aleem. They are also students from my university, doing their internship in Oxford. We all had dinner together (hats off to Caroline for cooking), and watched a movie. I think I must have eaten too much, during the middle of the movie I got really sick so I quickly went to sleep.

The next morning we left bright and early for Stonehenge. With no map and barely any directional sense, we ventured off and took us an hour over our estimated time to get there. (it turns out, we took the REALLY long way) Upon arrival, we could spot the arrangement of rocks by the side of the road. I don't know if the rocks were really huge, or because the contrast between Stonehenge and the endless flat fields, Stonehenge stood out like a sore thumb. It was remarkable, how the rocks were transported from Wales to the current location, using nothing but rope and timber. Especially how well it is still preserved today. There are many theories behind the arrangement, from it being a huge calendar to a sacrificial altar. The true purpose is still a mystery, even to this day.

After spending some time taking pictures, we left Stonehenge for Salisbury. It is a town that is about fifteen minutes drive away from Stonehenge, and its cathedral claims the tallest spire in all of England. It also houses the Chapter House, where one of the remaining four Magna Carta is held. I won't waste time explaining what it is - those who have studied any western history should be familiar with its significance in history. What I must say is I am amazed at how well it has been preserved from the early 11th century.

I think I have pretty much covered most of Southern England by end of this trip. Hmm.. what to do next weekend?

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