Sunday, March 09, 2003

Hockey Night in... London :P

Last night I went to a hockey game with Jeff, his girlfriend Jo, and some of his other friends. For one thing, I was surprised by the turn out - the arena was pretty filled. Of course it's nothing compared to watching a Leafs game at the Air Canada Centre, but it was good to hear the boards slamming, pucks contacting the sticks and the near-fight moments. Some people were wearing Leafs jerseys (BTW, go Leafs go), some wore Team Canada jerseys, and some London Knights jerseys. The worst part of the whole experience were 'pirates' who brought the England football hooligans into hockey. Nobody sings and chants they know where your girlfriend lives back home, except for the "Come on ref, get off your knees, you're blowing the game" chants when they make a bad call. Oh the event was sponsored by Sleeman's, and since Jeff's friend works for the London Knights, we all got free drinks (Sleeman's, naturally).

Then we proceeded to a bar called "Puzzle Pub". As the name suggests, it's filled with puzzles. Tania would love this place for the brick-sized Jenga pieces, when stacked up came to my shoulders. The floors shook every time the tower fell. They also have a huge Connect-Four board, with red and yellow pieces the size of small pizzas. Foosball table (which they call table football here), and pool tables adds to the collection. Had a little too much to drink, felt pretty sick when I got home. It was an extremely fun night though, and Jo was pretty cool to hang out with. Must be because Jeff has 'educated' her on Canadian-related knowledge. :)

Right now I'm in Oxford, in an internet cafe. I can never seem to escape from one when I'm here in England. It's more like I cannot stop going to them. I officially declare myself an addict. They should have Internet Anonymous or something. I'd be president. :P Just came back from a walking tour of Oxford, visited a couple of colleges at the University of Oxford, and learnt about the history of the renowned town. It is truly a student town, as cheap eateries and pubs line the main streets and near colleges. Hopefully upload some pictures when I get a chance. :)

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