Wednesday, March 26, 2003

No More War, PLEASE!

Not as in "Please don't fight", but "Don't show me anymore of the war". Honestly I am pretty indifferent about the whole situation, but it is seriously affecting my lifestyle and I wish the telly would go back to being normal again. MTV and radio stations here have made a list of songs/music videos to ban playing during the conflict. No songs with the words 'war', 'bomb', or other potentially offensive words may be played.

Oh then there's the news flash every half an hour on the telly. Now honestly, if I wanted to follow closely I would watch the news channel. Please do not disturb my peace while I'm watching the Simpsons. Can a humble man not enjoy the telly without being rudely interrupted?

I think I am developing an anti-war stance just by being over-exposed. I see it for 14 hours at work, I don't need it anymore when I go home. Yes, 14 hours. Isn't it obvious that every war news will affect the market somehow? Guess who got the job to keep track of the news updates? ME.

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