Monday, April 21, 2003

Glasgow Day 1

After another fabulous breakfast at the B&B, I reluctantly packed up my belongings and checked out. I was starting to get really comfortable staying at this B&B that I didn't want to leave. I headed for the train station again, and bought a return ticket to Glasgow. I suppose it was still early in the morning (if I recall correctly it was only 9:30am) so there were not a lot of people on the train. The train ride was very short, only about fifty minutes or so. The train arrived at the Glasgow Queen Street Station, and I started to walk towards the two-star hotel I had booked.

Glasgow is literally a steep hill towards the north, with streets designed in a neatly grid-shaped pattern. On my way to the hotel, I walked past many interesting architecture and buildings, including the Royal Academy of Arts. The hotel was not as nice as the B&B I stayed at the nights before. What can I expect when I found everything last minute? The city itself is actually quite small - the interesting parts that is. There is a relatively large section of pedestrian-only road, lined with shops and shopping arcades. Buchannan Street houses one of the fanciest mall I have ever seen - Princes Square Centre. It comes complete with a variety of shops that I cannot afford to even walk in.

The architecture of Glasgow is very different from Edinburgh, in that the buildings all look individually designed and none of which looks like the typical 'North American' building. Everything is sculpted! In the earlier part of its life, Glasgow was an industrial city and thus, the buildings were all covered in dust and dirt. They initiated a project to clean up all the buildings, but left one just to show the contrast - and contrast it is. I have a picture of a building that is covered in black. Ugh.

In the evening I met up with Vincent for dinner - it had been quite a while since I saw him. Seemed like nothing has changed, except we both aged.. and matured a little. We had a bit to eat, then chatted for a good portion of the night. Too bad he has a surgical exam coming up, so he dropped me off at the B&B and went home to study.

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