Friday, April 04, 2003

Trip Planning Adventure

To start off, no I do not have SARS. It is merely a stomach flu of some sort. I better not get any cold/flu symptoms when I return to Canada, as they will not allow me into the country because (a) I have the symptoms of SARS and (b) I am Chinese. Great.

It can get very frustrating planning trips, especially when you know that there are millions of things waiting for you to complete before you return home. For example, there is this plague I call the "Work Report" which keeps coming back to haunt me. A new epidemic called "Fourth Year Design Project" had been occupying much of my time lately. This two-pronged attack (been watching the war a little too much now) is certain going to cause some pain. Combined with the "Shock and Awe" effect of 'jetlag', it is simply dangerous grounds that I am stepping on.

The two most important issue to any traveller: transportation and shelter. How to get there and back, and where are you going to pass out after a night of partying. Often times you can satisfy one but not the other. On the rare occasion that you do find both, it takes you fifteen hours to get there and you sleep in a hole. Isn't life grand?

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