Friday, June 04, 2004

Hanging Out in Halifax

The first night I arrived in Halifax, Adrian took me to Maxwell Plums for a drink. I had a poutine, it was huge and they used real gravy, which resulted in me being very full that night. Watched the basketball game, amazed at how Detroit bounced back at the last quarter to win the series.

Yesterday we went to Peggy's Cove, and saw the famous lighthouse-by-the-water and the rocks surrounding it. Took a whole bunch of pictures, including ones where I pretend to be a professional photographer and tried to capture the "scenic view". Afterwards, we drove about an hour to Lunenberg, where supoosedly they are famous for their lobsters and seafood. *sigh* Too bad I really cannot enjoy it! Still, I had fish and chips and it was excellent! Sure puts some of the places in London to shame!

Just came back from lunch at Smitty's, a local eatery that is similar to IHOP (in the US) or Mel's (in Waterloo). Probably going to spend the rest of the afternoon chilling before going out to watch the big hockey game tonight with Adrian.

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