Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Election Day

As the election day is today in Canada, I am going to give it some room in my daily ramblings to discuss the importance of voting. I am sure most of you have seen the newspaper article from Korea that could not even identify our prime minister. On top of the platforms, the lies, and the scandals, I feel that it is necessary that our prime minister is visible both inside and outside of our country.

Therefore, here's a quick summary to the most shallow analysis of each candidate - based purely on looks.

Paul Martin
He needs to wipe that silly grin off his face if he ever wants my vote. Maybe he should tint his hair also - perhaps something drastic, like hot pink or something. That would definitely get him the votes from the younger crowd.

Steven Harper
Much younger looking than the other candidates, which is a good thing. At least his hair is not grey yet. Maybe he should get a fashion consultant with his proposed balanced budget if he wins.. definitely need to lose that suit/tie combination he's wearing all the time.

Jack Layton
As much as he looks like a grandfather or your favourite high school teacher, he does not look like he can run the country. He looks like he will get bullied around by the big boys from around the world, or he will start to act like the UK prime minister and wag his tail at the United States.

Gilles Duceppe
He looks too much like a French president, that having him run Canada would hint at the world that it will be taken over by France any time soon. Not good if you want to maintain good foreign relations.

Conclusion: I would abstain my vote if it were based on looks. Now only if they have Katie Holmes running for prime minister.. that'd be a different story..

By the way, I already voted earlier today.. and I voted based on a much more thorough analysis than what was presented above. However, being shallow is funny and entertaining, n'est pas?


Anonymous said...

ok, this is a weird comment posting thingy

haha, based on looks, that was hilarious. i think stephen harper is the best looking one, paul martin 2nd, gilles 3rd, and mean looking layton 4th ... so i voted that way. :D yiffie

Anonymous said...

ok, after looking at the pics you posted, i changed my mind ... gilles and layton are equally mean looking :D

MiDNiTiE said...

Gilles looks like a regular French guy.. so fearful that they need to wave the white flag every time they are in war? Hehehe..

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