Monday, June 28, 2004

Innocent Comment

Not much went on today. Went and did the usual thing on a Sunday afternoon, and then dinner with Tania, Chris, Gloria, and Kevin. At dinner, Kevin casually responded to a comment from Chris that turned into an akward moment for some.. in its full entirety, here is the transcript of the conversation.

[sitting around the dinner table, talking about our mutual friend Adrian]
Louis: Adrian is not desperate for a girlfriend.
Tania: He so is!
Louis: I think he stopped being desperate after his previous few relationships.
Tania: What about that girl in Halifax?
Louis: She's not available any more. Besides, I wouldn't, but that's just me.
Chris: But we all know that Adrian has weird tastes in women.
Kevin: You're the one to talk, Chris.
Tania & Gloria: .......

Silence at the table? You bet. The funnier part? Kevin didn't even realize what he said until I looked at him and..

Louis: Uh, Kevin, you just dissed everybody at this table except for me and you. You do realize that, right?

Hilarity ensued. Okay, at least for Kevin and me.

1 comment:

Adrian said...

I read this about 5 minutes prior to this, because I was rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. I think I also accidentally folded a full house. :P

To answer your question, I'm desparate in the sense that I really do want to find someone that I am compatible with, but not in the sense that any woman would be just fine. :) Well, you know what I mean.

brb. Back to rolling on the floor laughing. :)