Saturday, June 05, 2004

So That's How You Really Play...

Adrian took me to near the water front today for lunch, and we had some pretty awesome fish & chips with this "fried pepperoni" appetizer. If I stayed here in Halifax any longer, my life expectancy would definitely drop by a few years. The majority of the food here is grease-filled, if not fattening and contains an incredible amount of fat and cholesterol.

Just came back from playing bridge with some of Adrian's friends. I have never been so crushed and schooled before in bridge, and they really gave it to me. I don't pretend to be a good player, or even a decent one, but tonight really opened my eyes as to how the game is REALLY played. I also had some strawberry-banana-fusioned slushie (with alcohol, of course), and they were fabulous!

It was a rather chillaxing night, which is a definite change from the past few weeks of hectic traveling and wild parties. Too bad I'll be leaving soon, they seem like a real fun bunch to hang out with!

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