Friday, August 20, 2004


So I saw the place today and it's absolutely stunning. Perhaps I had a bad perception of housing in Europe, but I thought it was gonna be rather rundown like the days in Waterloo. (just to think that I already had it good in Waterloo!) To my surprise, it was very nicely furnished and everything was very modern. Although the place wasn't very big, but it felt really cozy and the best part is that the rent is *somewhat* affordable.

The only problem is that it is a bit far from work (15 minutes of traveling time on the light rail), plus it is also far from the fun part of the city. Furthermore, the place is south of the river. Maybe it is my perception being a silly nut again, but don't people associate 'south of the river' as the 'inner-city' for every city?

Tomorrow I am seeing another place.. this time it's north of the river.. a bit closer to work (maybe only 10 minutes on the light rail). The only thing is that it will be a little more expensive, and I am not sure if it will be furnished like this one..

What to do? Dilemma.. dilemma..

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