Saturday, August 28, 2004

Drink merrily.. and then pay for it.

My training yesterday was a waste of time, to put mildly. Excel/VBA skills for a recent engineering graduate is quite a joke, considering we all have a love-hate relationship with the spreadsheet program upon our graduation. You would too, if you had lost hours of data collection or nights of data shaping because the program "crashed". I spent the entire day re-learning how to enter formulae and drawing graphs with Excel. At least I'm getting paid for it.

After training a bunch of us went for a TGIF drink. Maybe we all have something in common (recent grads), or just that we know we're going through this together, but we all got along quite well. I had been in quite a depressing mood throughout the day, and so I think I drank a *little* too much too quickly. Surely that made me forget about a lot of the down thoughts I had, but not without the consequences that followed. The rest of the story wrote itself after I was sent home by an acquaintance from the training programme, barely making to the bathroom to hurl everything I had eaten the whole day. In the end, I had nothing left to release so I started giving up blood and bile. Not to mention the painful roll-around-the-bed for the entire night until the early morn. (Of course that's not the whole story, but the whole story might frighten some of my more tamed readers..)

There were only a few moments in my life thus far that I have felt a literal "heartache". Poetically I often hear people speak of the feeling of heart breaking.. and to actually feel it, is quite surreal. It is something not easily explained, but those who have felt it will be able to relate. I suppose last night's binge drinking is the result of such pain?

Sometimes I find myself quite irrational.. definitely need to work on that. Maybe that should go on my new year's resolution list.

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