Thursday, August 26, 2004

Pre-Training Jitters

Lately I have been quite restless (even more so than I normally am), partly due to the fact that I no longer reside in my comfort zone. Okay fine, it is also because tomorrow begins a new chapter in my life. (how cliché!) My official start date, the beginning of my training programme.. looms over me.

To describe my current state and help me cope, Adrian would say that I am simply "on tilt", while Tania would most likely say that it is normal to be anxious before a big day. Chris would tell me everything will be okay and it will just be another day, Gloria would comfort me by telling me how much work she needs to have done by Friday. Lisa and Prish would be supportive by reminding me how I always overcome obstacles and hurdles. Yiffie would tell me that I can most certainly deal with it because I'm "da man". Of course, Evelyn would remind me to lessen on my Type A behaviour so as to not get everybody to hate me on the first day, get a good night sleep, drink water, and don't forget to eat lunch.

It would have been nice to hear their voices, but being five hours ahead and barely enough to eat for the next month really cuts on the budget to call them. Let's check e-mail.. nope, nothing. Ahhh why am I in such a restless mood? I'm usually much better than this..

Maybe I should just forget about it and go sleep. Yeah. That's what I'll do.

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Adrian said...

Dude, you didn't get my email ?