Friday, November 05, 2004

Fashion Night

I decided that tonight was not a good night to start revising for the next exam (yes, there is more to come). The defeated mood definitely doesn't motivate me to study. Instead I went to meet up with a friend in Covent Garden for dinner and some shopping. He had some VIP tickets to a private function for some fashion company, and so we went after eating a light meal while chatting about our workload for the next few days.

Upon entrance we were pampered with ice cream, alcoholic beverages, and lots of smiles. What a contrast between the basement (which sells men's clothing) and the first floor (which sells women's clothing). There were only two or three people wandering around in the basement, while the first floor is packed with ladies perusing through the new line of clothing they just introduced. They also had some hairdresser and make-up artists to help the ladies with a make-over. Mmm.. maybe I need a make-over.. haha.

I didn't end up buying anything, but my friend bought a few items symbolically. (come on, it was 20% off everything in the store!) It was a fun night out nevertheless, because at least I wasn't reading my study guides. Ugh.. speaking of which..

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