Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Lend me your ears!

I literally would like to borrow somebody's ears right now - mine are deaf! Okay, not exactly deaf, but hard of hearing. It actually happened back about one and a half year ago, when suddenly my right ear started to "lose hearing". The sound became quite muffled and faint. Being a regular university student (and according to my friends, "a typical male"), I refused to get it treated and thought it would "go away in a few days". Well it ended up lasting this whole time. I have trained myself to rely on my left ear for most of the hearing, and although it took a few days, I eventually adapted to it and felt there was no need to have it checked.

Then the inevitable happened - my hearing in the left ear started to become muffled and faint yesterday. All I can hear is ringing and "silence", which is sort of like standing in an empty cave with the wind blowing. I often had to ask people to repeat themselves, and couldn't hear anything around me quite as well.

I have decided that it is quite dangerous to my health (the fact that a car can be coming towards me and I can't hear it), so I went to visit the GP today. He told me to get some ear drops and see him again next week.

Now I know how it feels not to be able to hear.. talk about perspectives!

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