Saturday, November 27, 2004

Weekday outings

So right after I complained about not having a life here in London, I went out both nights for the past two days. On Wednesday night I attended a friend's band show. It was held at a club near King's Cross Station, and was held by various Chinese student associations around London. My friend played in two bands, both appeared at the beginning at the show. He basically played nine songs, non-stop.. and his drumming skills were excellent! Although he mentioned to me later that he felt that he made many major mistakes, it wasn't noticeable to the untrained eyes and I thought it was amazing nevertheless.

Thursday night was a dinner gathering followed by some kareoke action - yes, I found kareoke in London of all places. It wasn't ANYTHING I was used to, of course. It was pretty much what I used to do at home, playing videos on my TV and singing to it. It was really fun singing with a bunch of friends, especially when we've all longed for a bit of singing relief.

As a result of those outings, I have been getting sub-minimal sleep for the past few nights. On the other hand, I think being away from work and enjoying company of friends gave me the energy to move forward. Perhaps this is the balance I need to strike in order to stay sane..

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