Saturday, November 06, 2004

Manipulation of Statistics

I would have to say that the usage of statistics in our society can almost be described as abusive.

Gambling is bad for your health

Although I found that really funny (I'm posting it SPECIFICALLY for one friend.. and you know who you are), I cannot help but question what methodologies they used to conclude that "Gambling is bad for your health". Too often the media portrays "scientific studies" in such a way that it creates almost an instant fear of that subject. The fear is either used to (a) make a political statement or (b) boost sales. Sometimes I really wonder..

(As a side note, it was published in the British Medical Journal so I am sure it cannot be totally unsound)

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Adrian said...

Gambling does not cause violence in people! Take that article off or I'll kick your ass!!!!! :P

Ok seriously, I don't doubt that it can be psychologically bad for your health. But ... err .... I have no defense. :) haha. I'm doing okay though. (then again I'm not losing)