Friday, July 02, 2004

Arrival in Vancouver

Just arrived in Vancouver last night, and now I'm spending a few days here with some friends I met when I visited Taiwan five years ago. On the plane, I was asked to give up my aisle seat for some elderly person whom needed more room. Of course I obliged! After all, it was only a four hour flight. In return, I received several 'complimentary' glasses of wine on the flight.. mm.. I didn't realize that drinking on the plane makes the flight time seem so much shorter!

After I landed in Vancouver, my friend Emmy came by and picked me up from the airport. We then went to hang out with Jason and Marvin for a little bit, before Jason took me to another friend's place for a bit of drinking. Didn't get back to Jason's place until 4am - which was 7:00am Toronto time! Ahhhh..

This morning, Jason's mom was being extremely hospitable and cooked me some eggs for breakfast. Mmm, haven't had a proper 'breakfast' in a while. Now we're just hanging out at his place, watching the soccer game.. hoping to see more of Vancouver during the day today.


Adrian said...

To paraphrase Yiffie, YOU DA MAN! :)

Late drinking and partying I suppose will never end for you. :) Glad you're having a blast in Vancouver.

Greece advanced. What can I say? I hope they win the whole thing too. :P

MiDNiTiE said...

Thanks for all your kind words.. I only do what I feel is right to do. I actually have a lot more to say in this respect, but I'll leave it to another entry in the future.