Monday, July 12, 2004

It's All Relatives..

One of the benefits (some may disagree that it is actually a benefit) of being in Hong Kong is the big family gatherings and dinner. Last night I experienced quite a humourous moment that I thought was.. cute. The last time I saw my cousins, they were still short and running around like little kids. Now they are all grown up and talking about finishing secondary schools. Well, the fact that I remember them being born tells how old I am. Hehe..

In any case, for my graduation, the two of them gave me a self-made card - with a picture of a pig wearing the graduation gown. Cute. They also bought me this bracelet (yes, guys do wear them) with an engraving on it. On one side, it said "Best Wishes".. on the other side, it says "For Your Diet". I didn't know whether I should strangle them or hug them to death.

My aunts gave me this crystal paperweight for my new job, with a small stuffed monkey in a box. It was really simple but elegant, which I am sure I'll find a use for when I start work.

Dinner was the usual affair, except now I get to sit with the adults. As kids (and there were many of us), we were made to sit in a separate table because there just weren't enough room at the big table. Suddenly I realized how much older I have become, and that life is passing by me faster than I could keep up.

Seize the day, I say.

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Adrian said...

I like your cousins already! LOL !