Thursday, July 22, 2004

Night Out With Old Friends

Finally had a chance to meet up with Arthur last night! He used to live in Toronto and went to UT for school, but promptly returned to Hong Kong after graduation. (he claims that he was 'forced' to come back for a job) In any case, it's been over three years since I've seen him! The first words that came out from our mouths were, "Wow, you gained a bit of weight eh?" Hehe..

Also met some of his friends at the same time, as they were hanging out at Green Box in CWB. Actually, I knew Candice back from Canada, but haven't seen her ever since she moved back to Hong Kong five years ago. She looks exactly as I remembered her - which I suppose is a good thing for a girl!

I discovered last night that people may speak different languages, have different cultural backgrounds, but the ways to bond, get familiar with each other, and have a good time, remains the same.

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