Friday, July 30, 2004

Soho in Hong Kong

There seems to be a Soho area in every major city on this planet, even in Hong Kong. Got together with Lisa and Annette for a movie yesterday afternoon, before meeting up with Arthur after work for dinner. He suggested that we visit Soho and pick the restaurants as we travel up the world's longest escalator to the mid-levels in Central. I think eventually the two ladies got sick of going up the escalator, because they quickly picked the first restaurant they saw on a small street. It was a fusion-Indian restaurant, which was something I have never had before.

Come to think of it, everything in Hong Kong is fusion-cooking. Pizza Hut and Spaghetti House are good examples of the HK-Italian food. Even the so-called traditional Hong Kong tea houses have food that were inspired or influenced by other countries. Steak and eggs for breakfast, sweet and sour pork with rice for lunch, and spaghetti bolognese for dinner - only in Hong Kong!

The bunch of us went to Lan Kwai Fong after dinner for a bit of drinking and chillaxing. Originally the girls wanted to stay later, but I think they didn't see any "reason" to. (read: no cute blokes) We left shortly after midnight..

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