Saturday, July 24, 2004

Members Only?! Sure.. I'm a member..

I was supposed to meet up with Arthur again for dinner on Thursday, but he was suddenly forced into OT so we rescheduled for Friday. Ended up eating with Candice and a few of those friends I met on Wednesday night at Sushi Tei (which we had to walk through a Watson's to get into). Afterwards, Arthur and I went to relive our favourite pastimes back when we were younger - arcades. He still kicks some serious butt in driving games! I swear, one of these days I'll need to get revenge.

Candice then suggested we go for a drink at a lounge, and of course I wouldn't refuse any opportunity to drink! We walked into a side street (which turned out not to be a side street after all, it just looked that way), and headed to a business building.

I thought to myself, "Why are we going into a commerical building?"

The nightview from the 5th floor is pretty amazing. It said "Members Only" on the door, and we just waltzed in.. After chatting with the owner for a bit, I even got a personal invite to visit the "member's only lounge" in the future. After a few hours of heavy drinking, Arthur and I stumbled back to the overnight bus stop and took our respective buses home. (the rest of his friends stayed for a little more karaoke fun)

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