Monday, July 05, 2004

Leaving Vancouver

After spending the past couple of nights selling mops at the night market (I manage to sell quite a few with my.. ahem.. superb selling skills), and hanging out with the staff of my friends' business until 6am each morning, I'm ready to leave Vancouver for Hong Kong. It's quite funny how quickly I got to know them all, to the point that I was made fun of continuously throughout the weekend. Example here..

[Sitting in a very old Dodge van, which only supposed to have two people sitting in the front but somehow we managed to fit a box between the two seats for a third person. Marvin is driving, Janet is sitting in the middle, and I'm sitting on the front passenger seat.

Janet: Is this van equipped with air bags?
Marvin: I think so.. [looks around] okay, maybe just my seat. But that's all good.
Louis: Who needs air bags anyway? Marvin knows how to drive, we won't need them.
Janet: [points to me] It's okay, I have my personal air bag right here.

Except for that, it had been fun! I went to Stanley Park, Deep Cove, and all these other great tourist places in Vancouver. Today I'm taking the bus downtown, and walking around the shopping/business district. Hopefully meeting up with a few more busy friends before taking the flight tonight.

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Adrian said...

You? Getting made fun of ? Shocking! :P

After selling those mops, maybe you can get revenge by cleaning the floor with them?

Enjoy the rest of Vancouver and email me when you get to HK. Ciao.