Saturday, January 11, 2003

Alright, I have no life. It's Friday night and I'm here in an internet cafe blogging. Not a bad thing though - since I'm extremely tired and need a break from work. It's intensive and there is just endless stuff to learn. Anybody want some investment tips? My advise - don't. You don't know who you're up against. We're talking about these people who work in the bank, have millions of euros backing them up (it's the company's money), and they change the tide as they wish. Literally. I saw, today, my boss change the way a bond is going based on the amount he was buying/selling. Crazy.

I still haven't found a *good* area in London to chill. Apparently people drink warm beer in England? That is just sick. I think I might drop by a pub later on to see for myself what it's really like. Have to see it for myself! I hear there are some good clubs down here, but with cover charges as high as �20, I think I'll pass until I get paid in two weeks.

This weekend is still not planned. I really need to sit down and draw out my schedule. Perhaps tomorrow I will take a day pass and visit all the tourist places. Evelyn says I already picked up a bit of English accent. Scary eh?

C'mon people, e-mail me :)

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