Saturday, January 25, 2003

Today I went out for dinner and drinks with Jeff, the UW alumni boss I have. He's a pretty cool guy, and it's really great that he is willing to take us around. We had Italian - remember that restaurant that I bought the lunch for all the traders? That restaurant. Carlucci's or something. Anyhow, now that I got paid (yay!) I can afford to have dinner. Besides, I haven't had *real* food since I arrived. The food was AMAZING, even though I just paid �10 for my meal - well worth it. We had some red wine too.

After which we headed to a bar - Slomesky's or something. Had a drink, my housemate had an interesting encounter with a man where he intruded the washroom she was in, and proceeded to unzip his pants. Of course, she ran out and we couldn't stop laughing. The man then came out and gave her this look. Hahaha.. Then we went to this other bar called the Slug and Lettuce.

Apparently these 'chain bars' are really popular here. We sat around and talked some more before they kicked us out. WHAT? 11pm!? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, bars/clubs here closes at 11pm. I guess it's good during work week when it forces us to go home so we don't miss work the next day, but come on, weekends too? Although some clubs down in the city have 'late night permits' which allow them to open until 1am or 3am.

Tomorrow I am taking an early bus to Oxford, and two other co-ops will accompany me to Cardiff. Their boss is driving there so I will be tagging along for the ride. I suppose that's a little cheaper than taking the train to Cardiff all by myself. Besides, I'll get to see a glimpse of Oxford too! I probably won't be able to blog tomorrow since I'm staying the night over at Cardiff, but will be back on Sunday to tell you all about my weekend trip!

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