Friday, January 17, 2003

So here's the second part to my laundry story - the dryer doesn't dry, so now the clothes are just laid flat to dry. Who designed a washer and dryer in the same machine? My clothes were hot and damp after rolling around in that machine for an hour. So inconvenient.

One more day of work and then it's off to Hampton Court on Saturday and Windsor on Sunday (if I feel up to it). Let's hope I can actually get up in time to go to Hampton Court, since they only open until 4pm or something and it takes about three hours to walk around the whole palace. If I am paying �4 to get there and back, I better be taking advantage of the whole day! Windsor and Eton would be interesting to see where the current queen came from. I just love these historical sites - a lot of people I know do not appreciate the history that is behind these places. I used to be like that until I realized that in order to have control of the future, we need to learn from the past. Whether it be a lesson learned or to imitate successes from the past, it is valuable to understand where we came from in order to fully appreciate what lies ahead.

Also planning to see some theatre here, and perhaps enjoy the fringe down here also. Similar to Ottawa, I think I'll have a very cultured experience here. :)

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