Friday, January 24, 2003

Something pretty crazy happened yesterday that I forgot to mention. For lunch, this client of ours (I think it's another broker house) bought my entire desk sushi. Now this is not regular sushi, this is like EXPENSIVE stuff. Apparently for twenty plates of sashimi, couple big plates of rolls and sushi, cost them �700. (that's $1750CDN) HOLY CRAP. I had so many rolls yesterday just to take advantage of that. Perks of working on a tradedesk I suppose. Actually, last week I got free ice cream because some trader had a really good day. Hahaha.

Today my boss (not the UW grad) took me and the UW grad out for drinks at the same pub I went to on Tuesday. It was PACKED. Apparently Thursday is the same as in Waterloo - super pub day. EVERYBODY from work was there, plus everybody that worked in the area. There are a couple of pubs around where I work, and they were all PACKED. My boss treated me to two pints of Stellas (which are super-expensive back home but dirt cheap here), and started talking pretty crazy stuff once he got a little more relaxed. I always thought he was a drill sergant type - until today. Perhaps he just takes his work VERY seriously.

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