Saturday, February 01, 2003

Sometimes I feel that I am wasting time here at work. I just spent the whole day running analysis on some past three year financial data. Granted, it took me until 10:00pm last night to get the performance I wanted. Down from 15 hours of number crunching down to about 15 minutes. Churning away at 900,000+ trades per quarter, the machine worked all night to get me all the data I needed. Now my boss wants more. So the whole day has been: waiting, analysis results, run analytics, repeat. Surely not my way to spend my day.

At least I am learning how to use Matlab really well. Suppose that might come in useful one of these days - but I should spend my time doing something more productive while these analytics run. I have been following Jeff, asking him questions about the bond market in general. He is also giving me and the other co-op "BOND 101" lessons every morning, picking some concepts that is not usually covered in a traditional investment class, and explaining them to us. At least I could say that much good coming from work!

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