Friday, February 14, 2003

The second part of "Surprise Wedding" is showing tonight, and no surprise, they are all getting married. Now who would reject their girlfriends on national TV? That would hurt so much that I don't think you'll be dating much longer (if even that!). The most touching line I heard today was, "Let me be the best wife I could be, for you, forever." Awww..

Now the last couple.. here's something. The bloke came out, and started saying,"I know you're doing this for me because of love.. but.. but.. " The girl started to cry.. the music stopped.. and he continued, "But I can't do it like this. I know you always want to have the last word. You can't do this. It should be me that's asking you. Will *YOU* marry me?"

Only if reality was like this TV show - always so sweet, so perfect, so touching. Of course, there are the lucky ones who have found that happiness in their lives, but they are far and few in between.

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