Sunday, February 02, 2003

Happy Chinese New Year! I wish you all good fortune and good health for the year ahead! As expected, the celebration for new years here is almost minimal to none. Although I did travel to China Town today and get a feel for some festive spirit, and went to a house party hosted by one of the girls at work. It was quiet but satisfying - a nice dinner cooked by the co-worker (it's been a month since I had rice and soup.. mmm), followed by dim-sum mahjong and watching football. At least it was a bit of chinese culture in this sea of unfamiliarity. Also it feels good to speak chinese again - something I took for granted while I was home.

A sad day for those on the Columbia and their familes & friends. Hope the victims rest in peace and that NASA will figure out what went wrong so history doesn't repeat itself. (although it's sad to say, they really should have learned after the Challenger.. )

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