Sunday, February 09, 2003

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I am standing in a queue (yes, not a line) waiting to get into Body Worlds, an exitbition on the human body. I have been meaning to come here for a month, and today is their second last day in London. The queue is about two hours or so - worse than some rides at Wonderland! I am sure it will be worth it though. I just took some pictures of the queue and I don't think it captures the number of people here.
The exitbition shows real human body parts after an autopsy. Some people might find it gross, but I think it will help me understand the body a little better. Perhaps I will even wake up and start taking better care of my own body! The British government has been trying to ban this exitbit due to its graphic nature. I dare to ask, what is so wrong with display a human body in its most natural form? Everybody has a body, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. What is there to hide from? I hardly exbect that from a country that is so open about sex but a little exitbition scares them.

About an hour past and I am still standing here. These three girls in front of me are listening to music on one girl's mobile. The couple behind me is debating about whether the Brits invented the queue or the French did. I say University of Waterloo did! With the amount of queues it takes to take care of ahministrative crap at the beginning of the term, it's a wonder how they don't give us the "Queuing Award".

Another half hour has gone by, the queue doesn't seem to have moved. What is going on?

Finally! I see the door! I'm moving inside - good thing, cuz it's getting cold out here. It's already 6:00pm.

I spent about two hours in the exitbit and I am astounished by all the body parts displayed. Everything was *real*! They divided the sections up into different systems of the body. I saw a healthy lung versus a smoker's lung - big difference. Gives me more of a reason not to smoke anymore. Also saw the brain in real life, and grey matter/white matter and all the goodies. They also have human bones and muscles dissected into different ways so it emphasizes on different parts. It's hard to describe in words - you had to be there! :P

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