Wednesday, February 12, 2003

I have just watched this TV show on ITV, called "Surprise Wedding". It's quite cruel, really. The girl lures their boyfriend (yes, not the other way around) onto the show, claiming they will meet some female actress. In fact, the girls are all wearing wedding dresses, ready to ask their boyfriend to marry her! This one girl said to her boyfriend, "I'm sorry that Rachael from S Club 7 couldn't make it tonight, but do you mind marrying me instead?" Now that's touching - not only does she accept the fact that the boyfriend looks at other girls, but she would do this on national (well, all of UK at least!) TV.

It's very fitting seeing that Valentine's Day is just around the corner! All the boyfriends seem really shocked. Not that the host is helping - when the boyfriend comes out, he says, "Welcome to your wedding." Great! Just shock the bloke a little more.

THAT'S NOT IT! The blokes are then sent to a location in Central London. They will then be isolated for two days - no contact from their girlfriends to them. During the time they will decide whether to accept the proposal or not. Now we have to wait until Thursday to find out..

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