Wednesday, February 05, 2003

[blog from yesterday that I forgot to post]

Took some pictures yesterday in Chinatown from all the lion-dancing, and crowds looking on and eating food from the stalls. It was actually quite fun, considering I didn't expect such a big Chinese presence here. Today was quite a contrast - work all day, and barely got anything done at work. What else is new?

I just watched "Living with Michael Jackson", an exclusive interview with the King of Pop. The interviewer spent eight months with Michael and learned all about his past, his attitude on life, and his views of the future. It's quite interesting to see the other side of him, the side outside of the scandals. Also talked about the time when he hung his baby outside the window. He openly admitted that he sleeps with boys, and he says everybody should do it. I think this show is due in the US and Canada sometime next week - I highly recommend it.

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