Sunday, February 23, 2003

Paris Day 3

Upon our final day in Paris, we woke up even earlier for breakfast. (Evelyn complained that they ran out of her favourite Pain au Chocolat the day before) After stuffing ourselves silly so we don�t have to eat lunch, checking out of the hotel, we lugged our backpacks with us to the Eiffel Tower again. Oh wait, no, I lugged my backpack with all of our stuff. On Day 1 of our trip, Evelyn�s bag broke (�It wasn�t my fault!�, says Evelyn) and now I have to carry all her clothing.

On the metro, some blokes were playing the violin and entertaining the entire carriage. We were both very amused, at the same time enjoying the life of a Parisian. This is truly what living in Europe is like - laid back, carefree.

The Eiffel Tower in the daytime is nothing but a metal tower. It has lost its aesthetic appeal, and the only reason it stands out is because it�s taller than everything else around it. Evelyn and I decided to head to the top, and luckily there are lifts to take us there. (Imagine climbing the whole tower) I took some video as we ascended on the lift, and Evelyn clinched onto my shirt as I forced her to look outside. �You�ll never see this again�, I claimed. It�s true - live the life now or you will regret it later. The top of the tower allowed us to see Paris in its full glory, even more so than being on top of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. There was signage all around the observation deck, showing the distance to different cities. Behold, the Eiffel Tower is officially 6,014 km away from Toronto! They also listed Ottawa and Montr�al as destinations. (I wonder why Waterloo is not there)

After millions of pictures taken at the top of the tower, we went to Muse� D�Orsay to look at more artwork. It houses paintings from Monet and Van Gogh. Evelyn seemed to have acquired this special taste for Monet�s painting, as we battled in the gift shop trying to find a replica of the painting she liked.

How could a trip to Paris end without an official French cuisine? (the French Onion Soup didn�t count) Feeling the desire to splurge, we ate at the restaurant at Muse� D�Orsay. It used to be a hotel, and they preserved the dining hall of the hotel for the restaurant. I felt like a king eating a banquet in a huge hall. The service was immaculate, and we had duck. DUCK! French food is awesome. It would have been even more special if we had French wine, but Evelyn refused to have any wine. (�I don�t feel like drinking�)

We went back to Avenue des Champs-L��lyse�s for some more pictures in daylight, and then decided to conclude our trip in Paris. Stayed at the Gare du Nord for a little, waiting for our Eurostar train. What really frustrated us was the fact that it was delayed for almost two hours - apparently somebody jumped onto the track and refused to leave. Ugh. If you want to commit suicide, go somewhere else dammit. Luckily Eurostar footed our bill for taxi back to my flat, so I�ll call it even.

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